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Yahoo Group devoted to helminthic therapy which I moderate

helminthictherapy.com which I wrote, designed and developed using iWeb by Apple. Much better than Dreamweaver which I used to create this site, if you are not a web developer.

asthmahookworm.com the story of my trip to Cameroon to deliberately infect myself with an intestinal parasite to put my asthma in remission.

wordsandimages.com the agency site

Welcome to deranged.com

I bought this url in 1996 or 1997 I think. It must have been nearly the last url available that was a dictionary entry. I was trying to name my marketing agency, but I lost my nerve. Happily I did keep the url.

For those of you who typed the url in hoping for something interesting, I apologize. You are right, I should be doing more with such a fine url.

For the rest of you, people who know me or a family member and are here to find something just refer to the links below.

Most of them concern daily life- my wonderful wife Michelle or our children, and siblings or parents. If I were at all religious I would thank god for Michelle right here. But I am not.

Personal things: Photos

Of our wedding, good job even if it was twenty years later than I wish it had been.

My sister's birthday, a great night out, plastered.

My trip to Cameroon to deliberately infect myself with hookworm, first published on Kuro5hin.org.

Business things: Other sites

I am involved in three businesses currently. Words & Images was my second business (when I first came to America I started a landscaping business with my brother). It was a very good and very fun and later very miserable B2B all-in-one technology marketing agency. I managed to make and lose a great deal of money very quickly. Rather than taking the cash and running I fought to keep it afloat after the .bomb collapse but it was 9-11 that did for us. In 13 months our monthly sales collapsed from over half a million USD to thirty thousand.Meizitang I gutted it out and managed to save the company but in doing so I lost my will to pursue it. It is just a web site really at this point, a monument to my MBA. Perhaps the most expensive MBA in history, and a damn good one, too.

Once I accepted that I had lost the will to run an agency I started to cast about for other ideas. In the middle of it I was invited to be a partner in SurfMaps.com. It was interesting, briefly, but the upside was not there financially, so I sold up and moved on.

After that I evaluated various business ideas while I scraped by with my agency clients. Eventually after a few false starts I settled on Autoimmune Therapies and Portugal.com, Inc.

Surfmaps.com is a site that makes and markets maps of the world's surf spots that I was involved in just long enough to realize that my partner and I had very different ideas about the business. Applying that MBA I sold out for a song and left. I may not have made as much money as I could, but our friendship was preserved. The wreckage of Words & Images convinced me forever that when you are not suited to be partners it is best to leave quickly and without fuss.

Autoimmune Therapies is the world's second company selling helminthic therapy, you can view our new site also devoted to selling worm therapy here. to those with various autoimmune or immunological disorders. It is too complex and contradictory of so many deeply held assumptions about what is good, clean and healthy to explain here. To understand it you will have to visit the site or the Wikipedia entry that describes helminthic therapy or helminthictherapy.com. If you still think it is madness you might want to read other people's experiences having been treated on this Yahoo Group.

Portugal.com is, as one might expect, a site devoted to Portugal and all things Portuguese. It makes money by selling Portuguese holidays and advertising currently but having just redesigned, expanded and re launched the site (February 2008) we are working to expand and improve the site. It is our ambition to make it the definitive online resource for all things Portuguese.

Words & Images, Inc. A monument to some good times and some bad times. I made and lost more friends and money than I can stand to count but in the process I discovered my true self. Was it worth it? Absolutely. We did some very good work, too.